Summer breaches

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    I am looking at getting some new summer breaches. I mostly do trail riding in an equitation endurance saddle, and since I have leathers and irons I still need the extra protection from the knee patch. I am also looking at doing some endurance rides this summer, too.

    The ones I have currently are from when I showed in events, and are not comfortable to wear for hours. I have some of the kerrits winter beaches that I dearly love. I mostly ride in blue jeans, but after riding for a couple hours when it’s warm they get uncomfortable.

    I’m looking for something really comfortable, doesn’t have to be full seat, breathable, and is an affordable price. Something that comes in different colors/designs would be a plus.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just don’t wear breeches in our summers. Shorts do me just fine (except at a show, when I have no choice).

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    I personally love the kerrits ice fill breeches for the summer. they are meant to keep you cool in the summer and are very reasonably priced!! also the kerrits performance tights are super lightweight and awesome for the summer

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    I’ll second the vote for Kerrits IceFil breeches. I just got a pair recently and they are SO COMFORTABLE. The inside has a really soft lining, almost like fleece, but it’s thin. I don’t want to take them off when I get home from the barn, they’re that comfortable.

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    The 2 best summer breeches (in my opinion) are the kerrits breeches (any but the winter ones). Most kerrits breeches (except winter ones) are made of stretchy, thin material. The only problem is that they tear and get really dirty and the dirt doesn’t come out. If you are willing to pay the money to replace them every time they rip (I doubt you are willing to, atleast i’m not), then get these! My favorites are the piper breeches by smartpak, because they are in between. If you get too thin breeches, they will rip, if you get too thick, well they are just too hot. Pipers are just right! And they come in so many colors and they are really affordable! Hope this helps!

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    I like Devon-Aire Versailles breeches for summer. They are light-weight & pretty sturdy. Sometimes you can find them in fun colors–I have had a purple pair, some different shades of green, burgundy; I have even gotten the plain khaki & dyed them myself with RIT. Easy! Very comfy for trail riding, schooling, & usually in the $40 price range. Unfortunately, SP doesn’t sell them. 🙁

    I do like the SP Pipers, but they are low-waisted which I am not a fan of. Just not comfortable for me.

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