Sun Bleach Season

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    What is everyone’s suggestions on how to best prevent sun bleaching? I have a black yearling and I would really like to keep him that color for the most part. I have stalls but I would prefer not to keep him in it during the day. Here in florida it feels better to move around in the heat than to sit in it. Any and all suggestion welcome!

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    Only other suggestion is fly sheet, mask and leg wraps. Maybe even a tail wrap? My mare, who is black, tends to take off as many of her clothes as possible, so I just suffer. We keep some of our horses in at day and out at night, and they have fans in their stalls to keep the air circulating.

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    SmartDark and Handsome. I’ve used it and it works. (The omega-3s will bring on the shine as well)

    (I used it on my red bay and while it kept the mane dark, I didn’t like the darker red/brown of her coat. Kept my seal bay on it though.)

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    Hi and Whinny,
    I agree with the previous posts, staying out of the sun during the day with a stall fan, U.V. protective fly sheets(but yeah can get hot in there,go with white)
    Supplements. But my question to you is why? Are you showing in hand or confirmation? You said your horse is a Yearling, probably benefits from being out to be a horse , play, grow and learn. My advice if he’s not being shown,is to look to the future of What s best for him in the long run.

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    Hi again,
    Just wanted to add that when he’s older, knows how to wear clothes without destroying them ,sheds grows new coats, and it is time to start thinking of show season ,you can always address the bleaching issue then.
    Hope this helps.

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    And again😛
    If it’s important to you (duh you wrote asking) I would use the supplements and possibly a light (used?) fly sheet at night while he’s in to get used to it.

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    You can by blackening or color enhancing shampoos at almost every tack store, you could also buy a flysheet that is UV ray protected

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    Some fly sprays have sunscreen added.

    dmaequestrian dmaequestrian
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    My best suggestion would be a fly sheet. They will reflect the suns rays away from your horse which will prevent bleach and ultimately make him much cooler, especially because he is black. A lot of people think that it restricts the horse but it does have many benefits.

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    Thank you so much for all the advice!! I think I am going to try and find a slightly used fly sheet for him this year. I have him on a colt grower which also seems to be supporting a healthy coat and he is looking great. It is still early in the summer but I think if I find the products you all suggested, we can escape the summer sun bleaching! Sorry for the prolonged response 🙂

    riding for Christ riding for Christ
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    I know that you said you really didn’t want to keep your horse up in the day time, but that is what I would do.

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    I also have a black horse who is not a true black and that is the reason she bleaches out in the hot Texas sun during the summer. Since your horse is a yearling, I would suggest to NOT put a fly sheet with UV protection on him until he is fully grown as you will go thru several during his growing stages. I use the Kool Coat and thoroughly love it. I get a discount from SmartPak for being a member of AQHA. But, until your horse stops growing, other options not mentioned are: Santa Fe coat conditioner with sunscreen. There are other shampoos and bug repellents with sunscreen available.

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