Supplements for a stallion?

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    My neighbor has a four-year-old stud colt who has been my project for the past year or so. She did his ground work, but couldn’t ride him so I’ve been the only rider he’s had. I started him under saddle last spring and I’ve been riding him ever since.

    He’s really great and I was able to ride him out with a few mares at a time last fall. He works off legs and neck-reins for the most part. He’s sat over the winter for the most part, and when I picked back up on him early this spring he was fresh of course, but not a total jerk.

    However, early this month he got his first chance to breed. I’ve only tried to ride him once since then, and he had a lot of issues to work out. He kept fighting the bit and pushing forward, and he really just wasn’t being his normal self (He’s always been energetic and forward-moving, but this was more extreme). He almost tried to rear up on me as we were approaching mares–something he hadn’t ever tried before from the saddle.

    I’m sure he can work through it, as he has before, but I’m wondering if there’s something I can put him on temporarily that will take the edge off just long enough for him to re-learn his manners without having to put him in a stronger bit (he’s in a dog bone teardrop bit right now). I’ve put a lot of effort into keeping his mouth soft as a stud, and I really don’t want to have to throw that away.

    Has anyone else had experience with stallion calming supplements? Would mare supplements help at all, or are they different?

    Any suggestions you might have, I’m glad for it! Thanks 🙂

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