Supporting spinal arthritis

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    What can I do to support a horse with arthritis in his spine? The vet recommended corticosteroid injections, which we did with some success, and I have him on a joint supplement. He’s been doing ok with 24/7 turnout and light riding/trails once or twice a week. What else can I do to make him more comfortable long-term?

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    My mare was diagnosed with spinal arthritis too. Shes on everything she possibly could be for joints and that has her maybe 75% back to comfort. I am hoping to work with our local Bowen therapist to help keep everything around her spine in shape too. I don’t think equine Bowen therapists are common but massage or acupuncture would be good too. I would be wary of chiropractic work, though. I wouldn’t want my arthritic spine cracked!

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