Swollen Tendon Sheath?

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    About 4 weeks ago, I noticed that my horse had swelling on his right hind leg around the fetlock and inbetween the tendons about 1/4 of the way up his leg. He wasn’t off at all so I continued to ride him lightly. A few weeks later, I was in a lesson and noticed he was tripping on his right hind which was unusual because he had just gotten his feet trimmed. So, I stopped riding him and started cold hosing the area once a day. Last Thursday, the vet came out to look at his leg and didn’t seem to concerned. She told me to wrap it with a standing bandage (which I don’t completely understand because he is on 24/7 turnout) and apply Surpass (an anitinflamitory cream) once a day. After a week of this treatment, she said the swelling should go down. It has been a week since her visit and the swelling has not gone down. I am concerned that the swelling has not gone down however he is completely sound. Any ideas of what this could be? I don’t think that it is windpuffs. I know lameness is typically associated with a swollen tendon sheath but this is all that I could think it would be.

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    It is hard with tendons to know exactly what is going on without ultrasounds or xrays. It isn’t uncommon for the area you are describing to be swollen from stomping at flies. However, I am not one to tell you to ignore your gut feeling. My mare was slightly off & the vet kind of blew me off. I insisted on him doing an ultrasound of both front legs. My mare had tore the deep flexor tendon on her front right leg & the superficial flexor tendon on her front left leg. 10 months of layup from the injury because it took over 2 weeks to diagnose. Spending money is hard, but not being able to ride your horse again is worse.

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    My mare kicked a fence or did something that caused her’s to swell up and we did ultrasounds and talked to many vets before a vet injected it. It’s been about a year and she hasn’t had a problem since, so I definitely recommend that.

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