Tail biting in pasture

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    Any suggestions on behavior modification for a 4 yr old gelding who is constantly tail biting his pasture mate? We have tried the cayenne pepper spray on tails but it’s not really working.

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    is he eating the tail or just being a butthead?
    I have one that picks on my moms horse and he tends to bite the top of the tail. Once my mom’s horse gets pissed enough he just double barrels him in the chest and he stops….for a few months.
    Maybe put a grazing muzzle on him? or wrap the tail on the other horse?

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    If he is actually EATING another horse’s tail, it might be a vit/min deficiency. As he is only four, a lot of growing and developing are going on and this can definitely tax a nutrition plan. Possible, in this instance, that a good vitamin/mineral supplement (or just a more nutritionally designed grain for youngsters) can solve the problem. If he is just playing, a muzzle, as suggested, could help as long as he learns to eat and drink thru it. Last resort (as he is young and needs the example and security of his own around him yet) but it works: seperate them. Best to try to determine the cause first, then a more effective and efficient plan will be easier to formulate and easier to implement.

    Good luck with this, cfr, and welcome to the SmartPak Forum : )

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    My horses pasture mate had this obnoxious habit of antagonizing the others and latching onto their tail docks like a piranha. I was getting extremely upset with finding big bald spots on my horses tail. At that time, separation wasn’t an option, pepper spray wasn’t lasting and I wasn’t about to wrap my horses tail.. so I drenched it with MTG. Stopped the other horses rude behavior and helped my horses tail grow back

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    I have tried Chew Stop the pepper spray, and everything else under the sun for horses in the past. The only thing I have found that works really well is MTG (Mane Tail Groom) It’s on the expensive side unless you can find a really good deal on it, but it’s worth it. I put it on my Polish Arabian’s tail once a week (she’s really low on the totem pole and sometimes gets chewed on by 4 and 6 year old) in the summer and that prevents the other horses from biting at it and it increases healthy growth! After a few years doing that her tail is beautiful, long and healthy. Why not kill two birds with one stone?!

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