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Tall boots vs. half chaps and paddocks

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    I have always ridden in my Mountain horse tall dressage boots since I bought them many years ago. They are still in great shape and the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. My instructor recently recommended I purchase paddock boots and half chaps for schooling. I’m not a fan of paddock boots to begin with, but like the idea they will save on my tall boots so they stay nicer longer for showing. What are the other benefits of half chaps and paddock boots? Suede vs smooth leather half chaps? Zip vs lace boots? Brand and style recommendations please!

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    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    I prefer the suede half chaps (worn with sneakers, so no opinion on paddock boots) because they do not cut into my legs as the leather ones do. Generally, I only wear boots when I must, prefer to ride in jeans or shorts and sneakers, sans the chaps. If you have decent legs, that is all that is needed.

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    eohwen eohwen
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    I prefer suede half chaps (better grip) and lace up paddock boots (better and more snug fit). I save my tall boots for lessons and shows. I personally avoid sneakers for safety reasons – it’s generally recommended to ride in a shoe with a heel.

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    eohwen – I agree with you about the shoe with a heel, if one is using stirrups. Mostly, I only need one, in order to get on the horse (and not always).

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    I have ridden in paddock boots and half chaps for 14 years and well I may have liked them in the past i don’t like them anymore. I had issues with the boots rubbing and not bending well at the ankle (they were thoroughly broken in for a long time). I have had both leather and suede half chaps and they both worked well although the leather lasted much much longer. I also believe they dont last as long as other boots, but if your set on getting paddock boots the only one id possibly spend my money on anymore is the ariat paddock boots with lace up front and back zip. hope it helps!

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