Tattoo around horse eyes

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    Hello. I have a horse that has a blue eye and white skin around it. I’ve heard that it can start cancer and stuff like that and one of the options to prevent that is to make a tattoo around his eye. It looks good to me, my only concerns are the health and behaviour concerns.
    First, what can go wrong?
    Has anyone of you guys reading this ever done it before?
    Will the horse become more shy or anything after the tattooing?
    For how long must a horse recover after tattooing?
    I really want to do it and forget about worrying about his eye being too much in the sun and then him having cancer but I’m also really afraid of it, honestly. Please please, whoever has had a horse tattooed, please explain all the cons of this. You can also email me at
    Thank you all in advance, I hope I’ll get some replies.

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    I would not do this, because of the sensitivity of the area. Your horse could wear a fly mask when the sun is really fierce. However, your vet is the best source for the information you need to make a decision.

    It is never the horse's fault

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