Tender hooves

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    In regards to those sensitive soled horses I love the information Chris the barefoot farrrier has to offer.
    With hard keepers I believe a lack of fats and proteins can reek havoc on a horse’s system. I’ve seen problem feet, skin issues such as chronic hives and rain rot, poor top lines, & a dull overall expression in the horse.
    I’m a professional groom with 40 years of experience. I try to use the “KISS” method.
    If your horse is ailing and your not sure why, try this list to help figure a solution and always look to your Vet for assistance.
    Nutrition – is it balanced ?
    Teeth – do you have at least yearly dental care ?
    Exercise – what kind of physical and mental exercise does your horse have ?
    Farrier – are your horse’s hooves truly balanced ? Too many farriers cannot properly balance a foot. Does each hoof land level on the ground ? If barefoot – is he/she standing on their soles or is their a healthy frog to take the concussion ? If your horse has soft or thin soles is it being trimmed so the hoof wall is the strongest point on the ground ?
    I’ve seen over the years horses with poor hooves change into beautiful healthy feet with proper trimming.
    The old saying “no hoof, no horse” is so true.
    Do your research and look at your horse from the inside out.
    Happy trails!

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