Thin mane and forelock

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    I’m having a lot of trouble getting my horse’s mane and especially forelock to grow out thicker. I know some horses just don’t have the genes for it but is there anything I can do to maybe improve it?

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    Only comb it out when necessary. If I must comb out a mane or tail, I use lots of detangler to make sure I don’t rip any hairs out. I’ve also heard MTG works wonders, just smells bad! Good luck 🙂

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    Thank you!

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    No problem! Best of luck

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    Hi there: When I got my horse his pasturemate had chewed off his tail. My barn manager at the time (an old gal that had forgotten more than I’ll ever know) told me to put Mane N Tail Conditioner on it and leave it in. Surprisingly it didn’t get sticky or gross, and his tail did grow back. He is part Appy so his tail isn’t the greatest but it looks pretty good! Not sure if this trick will work for just thinning hair but it is worth a try. Hope this helps!

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    You’re correct in your belief that you can’t change what Mother Nature has given your horse the genes for. Some horses just never develop great manes and tails. That being said, there are a number of things you can do to protect what you do have and encourage faster growth. Somebody above mentioned no combing/brushing unless you have to, and generally, I agree with that. Don’t ever let your horses’ mane or tail become tangled, but comb/brush sparingly and carefully. I also only comb or brush a mane or tail when it has conditioner in it (I’m not a fan of MTG at all, and never leave detangler in a mane or tail). A good quality balanced diet is helpful and adding a good quality hoof supplement to your horses diet will help with mane and tail growth as well, as the same nutrients are needed to grow hair as to grow hooves. Also, just like with supplementing to improve hoof quality or growth, it takes some time to really see results, so be patient.

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    I usually use Mane and Tail Growth (MTG) on my horse’s tail. I’m not sure if you can use it on your horse’s forelock though. It has really helped me with my horse’s tail!

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    Mineral oil, mineral oil; AND MORE MINERAL OIL! Haha!
    1. Wash your horse’s mane once or twice a week, putting shampoo and a little bit of mineral oil in his mane
    2. DAILY comb with mineral oil. This can get messy, but using plastic gloves should do the trick
    3. With the forelock, lather it in mineral oil after you ride.
    4 (optional). Coconut oil is a known treatment / cure for hair loss. If you put a few teaspoons of that in the forelock/mane/tail, it will create glossier and thicker hair.

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    Adding flax to his diet will help some, but not a miracle.

    It is never the horse's fault

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