Tips for Sleep Deprivation?

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    Hi all,
    I have an older mare that has been diagnosed with sleep deprivation. She is approx. 21 years old, in good health, and our vet doesn’t think she suffers from arthritis. We believe she isn’t getting enough sleep because she currently doesn’t have a pasture mate. She has turnout all day with the neighbor’s horses visible that she can talk to, but she is put to bed in her 13’x10′ stall each night. Their horses get put up as well, so just leaving Molly out wouldn’t offer security from them.
    We have strict local laws and are only allowed to keep 2 horses total, so I can’t just get Molly any pasture buddy, it has to be the right horse for our family. We aren’t allowed any other livestock such as chickens, goats, etc, either.
    My question: Does anyone have any advice on how to make her more comfortable until I can find the right horse to bring home for her? We’ve thought a radio playing soft, soothing music, a mirror so she can see “another” horse, a stuffed animal…? I’m just looking for suggestions, I don’t have a camera or anything to record her nighttime activities so I’ll just have to see if her sleepiness improves during the day.
    Thanks for any help!

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    Sorry to hear about your mare’s struggles, and I hope you’re able to find a great pal for her soon. I unfortunately don’t have any personal experience to offer you, but I did find two great blogs that our staff vet wrote on related subjects:
    Sleep Deprivation in Horses:
    Night Lights, Night Music:
    Good luck!

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    wow-horses only require 2 hours of sleep each day and usually get it in short spurts (cat naps).

    are you sure it isnt fatigue? or something like Lyme disease? or just age?

    maybe she needs a supplement for energy during teh day and possibly one for calming at night? (as someone with insomnia i can say sometimes it requires medicating at both ends like that).

    essential oils may help also-if you want more info, just leave a reply and i can give it to you!

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