Trying to figure out source of pain, the oldest mystery

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    About a month ago, my mare gave me some bucks in canter departs. Extremely unlike her, so I started looking at her back. She has a slight lumbar subluxation, but she didn’t show any signs of pain when I tested her back after riding or the few days after. Doing light sports massage doesn’t seem to alleviate the problem and she does carrot stretches with ease. Now she has started doing it again, but she still will go into frame on the bit and stretch down. She still has the noticeable subluxation but in my research it says horses with back pain won’t buck because it hurts more to buck than to not. And on the lunge line I can see her pull her back up and tighten her abs and use herself (lunged in just a halter, no training aides, so she is doing it all on her own). Once she is in canter she moves with her same even pace, but she likes when I get up in galloping position rather than doing dressage seat, full in the saddle.

    So anyone else who has experienced this, I’m wondering, is it hips? Shoulders? No leg issues, hocks and stifles are clean, she loves hill work. Yes, saddle fit is a problem, but I don’t have enough money to get a custom saddle (She is so narrow, more narrow than the TB who my saddle fits really nice. I have a Collegiate convertible with the narrow plate in). To combat this I have the Ultra ThinLine full sheepie with shims, it has helped significantly in producing a more even sweat pattern behind her wither and she moves much more freely. She has always had an even sweat pattern on her lower back. If anyone would like to reccomend a good saddle fitter who is reasonable, please do share. I am located in Jax area of Florida. I am a working student, so no deep pockets (Other/former working students, you know what I’m talking about. 🙂 ). I have a chiro coming on Tuesday (Nov. 17) and will update this post after I talk with him. When we went to our last show of the season a few weeks ago, I actually gave her bute and some robaxin she was so unhappy, and she performed phenomenally the next day. But I don’t want her to have to be on drugs all the time if there is some other way to fix it. But because she was her totally normal self after getting the meds, I can eliminate her behavior as learned in an attempt to not be ridden and narrow it to a musculoskeletal cause.

    Any thoughts, advice or recomendations are greatly appreciated, be it massage techniques, saddles to look into and start saving up for, stretching exercises to help limber us up, etc.

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    Hi, Irish : )

    Sorry to hear your mare is uncomfortable. My knee-jerk reaction would be to check stifles and specifically hocks next. A flexion test might help pinpoint the area of concern, enough to allow for a progressive chat with your vet. After chatting with a vet for more definitive diagnostics, MSM, tho can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to show effect, can be an inexpensive yet effective way to go to start. Be advised, however, that any products might have their short-comings as well as their positives. All depends on the horse, of course ; )

    My mare would buck going into canter due to arthritic hocks. The diagnostics were pricey but the specific diagnosis gave us a cheap, long-term fix since I knew EXACTLY what I was dealing with, to what degree and where. This made the trial and errour of supplements far less expensive and the repair more timely. Knew specifically what I wanted for product instead of running thru the expansive gamut of just inflammation supplements to find the ONE that works best.. Hope this helps you/makes sense, been battling a truly nasty cold for three days, not thinking all that clearly yet, sorry : )

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    What Pheets said! Also, the chiro and/or your vet can check your saddle fit for you, more conveniently and probably easier than finding a fitter.

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    Seeing as her hocks, etc. were clean and you admit an issue with your saddle fit…. Ding! Ding! : ) No way to pad a too narrow saddle. Any friends that will let you test ride in their tack?

    Head is not so stuffed up at the moment : D

    Sure there's right and wrong but mostly there's just a whole lotta different.

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    I am having saddle fit problems too and I have just been trying several days offering saddle pads till I get a complete sweat and it seems to be helping. A horses back is always changing and they are always gaining weight or losing weight so if you find something that fits now, it might not fit a couple months down the road and you would have to find a new pad or saddle again so I would try several different saddle pads before buying a custom saddle.

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