Ulcer Treatment?

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    The other day while trying out a new bit, it pinched my horse’s lip a little bit and made it bleed a little. Upon opening his mouth to check to make sure everything else was fine, I found an ulcer. I don’t know how long it’s been there because I’ve never checked in horse’s mouths on a regular basis (is this a rookie horse owner mistake?) but it looks pretty old. It’s also not in a place where a sharp tooth could be rubbing, as it is on his gum straight up from his two front teeth.

    Anyone know how to treat it? Will it just go away on its own eventually?

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    Hey Deb, while I can’t give any treatment advice (I’m a former Vet Tech, but still nowhere close to a real DVM!), I can share a helpful Q&A I found on the topic of oral ulceration from our friends over at The Horse! You can check out the article here: http://www.thehorse.com/articles/16243/mouth-ulceration (they may require you to register, but it’s easy and free!). Hope that helps!

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