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    My 5 yr old mare became very cinchy and was ultra sensitive in her lower abdomen and flank area (she would cow kick when I brushed or even touched those areas). I had my vet out and we did the Succeed Fecal test. She tested positive for albumin which is indicative of hindgut ulcers. I tried the Gastroguard/Ulcerguard w/o much success. I found the AbleRX website googling equine ulcers and purchased the Abprazole. After being on the Abprazole for 3 months her sensitivity in her abdomen and flanks was gone and she was less cinchy. The blue coating on the Abprazole beads protects the omeprazole from being dissolved in the front gut and allows it to work it’s way to the hind gut to be absorbed there. In conjunction with the Abprazole I also had her on a gut supplement. Succeed got to expensive and I did try the SmartGut but she wouldn’t eat it so I put her on TractGard (offered through SmartPak). I am happy to report she finally started shedding out the last, small traces of her winter coat in early August and is much happier and more comfortable. I didn’t opt to scope her as if she tested positive for ulcers I would not have done anything different for treatment.

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    Interesting that omeprazole in the form of clinically proven GastroGard didn’t yield results but omeprazole in the form of off-shore produced enteric coated granules did? And don’t get me wrong, I use Abler’s granules myself. Did you consider that having her on gastrogard got the healing process started (which omeprazole takes a few days to work to its fullest extent) so you didn’t notice improvement right off, and then coincidentally, you started her on the Abler granules, which continued the healing process, thereby making you think that those worked but the paste did not?

    Also, omeprazole does nothing for hindgut ulcers. So, if you found results by using it, your horse probably had gastric ulcers.

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    I did follow the prescribed days of GastroGard no relief. There was a break in-between the GastroGard and the Abprazole. I saw results with the Abprazole so if it’s a fluke I’ll take it as I have a healthy horse.

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