Wanted: 1 Pair Clean, White Socks

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    My 13-year-old APHA gelding always gets runny manure the morning of the horse show, without fail. 350+ days a year he has no problems – as regular as a German train schedule. But the handfull of days we go to shows, he basically poops water (sorry for the visual).

    Anyone know why this might happen? Any suggestions on how to keep it from happening? Or, last ditch effort, any shampoo recommendations that are really good at getting whites whiter?

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    Nerves, anxiety, excitement at being involved and traveling in a trailer, away from home, etc… all possible reasons. Some horses fret stoically while others just totally collapse mentally, some light up like a Christmas tree at the prospect of travelling/competing. Often, the result is loose poo. Maybe a shortlife calming supp prior to events is in order, or try taking him out more often to some easy trails, fun times.

    Some love to compete, others hate to leave home… hard to say what your specific issue is. I have a fab trail buddy (Pheets : ) that is horrified of the trailer because he is so afraid that he will not come back to the same place. Been passed around TOO much and lives in a constant state of insecurity over it that I can’t quite eliminate completely. We are working on it… he gets pretty loose, too.

    As for clean sox, I am not a fan of Show Sheen in any way (really dislike how the silicone only covers then dries out the fur SOOO fast!!) but it CAN help reduce/repel staining for show purposes. For daily maintenance, Wisk and water and/or a good stiff brush and elbow grease : ).

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    My friends appaloosa has the same problem. My poor gelding is often a ‘victim’ of it. lol Have you tried wrapping his back legs with polo wraps for the trip down? It should protect his legs from his accidents. I would use ‘fanci full white minx’ which is a wonderful product you can buy at most beauty supplies and drug stores, that morning, and after it dries, apply the wraps. I’m thinking this will work. Good luck 🙂

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    It could be nerves and just the excitement of traveling. My mare gets it right before a bit storm or when a cold front blows through. Not all the time but it’s just the weather change that bugs her.
    I like the idea gina_pasquini has about wrapping his legs. The polos will be messy, but it might work! And try a whitening shampoo. Those work the best on white coats. I like Mane and Tail the best =) Good luck!

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    I show a morgan gelding who gets show jitters and loose stool when he travels. We keep him on UlcerGuard, start 1 day before we leave, treat throughout our stay at the show and treat 1 day after hes home. Keeps his manure relatively solid and keeps his belly happy.

    For shampoo, don’t use whitening agents – they make the hair attract dirt. We use Lucky Braids by Ruthanne All-In-One shampoo. Smartpak carries it, awesome stuff.

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    Good to know, TBxQH! I can’t stand the “whiteners” but until now, felt the options were slim. Thank you!! : D

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