Wanted: sheet, lite/medium fill blanket size 68-72

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    Looking for lightly used stable or turnout sheet and turnout blanket. My growing youngster is in a rowdy pasture group and I need spares. Currently measuring 68″ but will consider up to 72″. Dallas, TX.

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    Blankets should start going on sale sometime in mid-February to mid-March, depending on how much stock each company has that they need to move before they bring in the spring stuff. I think Schneider (SSTack.com) and Horse.com have some sales going on now. Since your youngster is in with a “rowdy group”, you might want to consider getting a 1680D or 2000D. You may have to read the fine print, to find the D rating (which is a measure of the sturdiness of the outer layer) but this is critical info you need to know. Don’t buy anything less than 1200D – – they just don’t hold up under normal wear and tear and a rowdy bunch of pasture pals is not normal wear & tear. The higher D-number rated material will make the T/O cost more, but the blanket will hold up sufficiently better to justify the extra cost. Another thing I have learned is to replace the blanket the horse is wearing at the first sign of even a tiny rip. What was a few broken stitches one night can become a shredded blanket by the next night.

    Also try to determine the D-rating on any used T/O’s you buy. Sometimes you can look up that blanket brand and line in catalogs. Most lines are a specific D-rating, but Weather Beeta Landas can be either 1200D or 600D, and the D-rating will not be on the blanket. Saxon makes both 1200D and 600D blankets, but they are the only manufacturer I know of who puts the D-rating right on the label with the size.

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