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    Hello! My horse got a new Weatherbeeta Landa with a neck cover for Christmas. It has a fleece attachment in the neck cover to give it a snug fit and keep cold air from getting into the neck cover; this, while a great idea in theory, has proven annoying thus far. It keeps riding up to his throat latch area which isn’t a problem when it’s nice weather, but I’m really concerned that when it starts precipitating, the fleece is going to get soaked and then he’s going to get wet and cold under the blanket. I’ve tried adjusting the straps, but haven’t seen much difference in the fleece staying put.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or have any tips on how I can keep the fleece under the waterproof outer layer? Any insight would be much appreciated!

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    I’m not picturing where or what this polar fleece is, or what its purpose is.

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