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    Hi, I recently put my Arabian/QH mare on SmartDigest Ultra after she lost a ton of weight over the spring/winter. When I bought her, she was on 2qt morning/night of Strategy. After I noticed her losing weight, I upped the Strategy, but no change. I switched her to a Senior feed after that and noticed no change in weight, but her coat was getting nicer. Two weeks ago, my trainer recommended I try a free sample she had gotten of SmartDigest Ultra. So I tried that and she seems to have put on a lot of weight for only being on it for a few weeks. I was thinking she had ulcers, but the SmartDigest wouldn’t treat that, right? So do you think I should keep her on what she’s been on, or do you recommend something different?

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    What sort and amount of hay does she get? I tend to rely on hay/pasture for weight, rather than grain. As for the ulcer question, what does your vet say?

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