Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

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    Hey there, smart riders! I’m Sarah Paull, SmartPak’s Brand Manager, and I’m hoping you can help me out. As we get ready for Halloween (aka the “spooky” season), I’m conducting a little poll – what’s the weirdest thing your horse has ever spooked at?

    I asked my fellow SmartPakers and here are some of their responses:
    – “A white peacock (the colorful ones were not scary, just the white one).” – SmartPaker Lara
    – “A nun.” – SmartPaker Lucy
    – “A little kid pretending to be a monkey in a tree.” – SmartPaker Casey
    – “Mini horses – scared to death of them so much he starts to shake!” – SmartPaker Nina
    – “Literally nothing, or her shadow perhaps, and then backed into an idling semi-truck.” – SmartPaker Rebecca
    – “A showmanship judge…well… ‘passed gas’ while inspecting my horse and my horse jumped out of his skin. In fairness, it was pretty loud, and a bit startling.” (This one’s from me, and it was really awkward.)

    Can’t see what you guys have to say! Here’s to keeping your horse between you and the ground ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great ride! -sp-

    Rider, Runner, Stuff-Riders-Say-er, SmartPaker

    Barrelracer612 Barrelracer612
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    A horse I used to ride was spooked at mini paint ponies , not solid…..just paint. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Leslie Leslie
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    Oh jeez, I think I win this one.

    One day when all the horse were turned out, the workers power washed the inside of the barn. When it was time to bring them back in, my horse REFUSED to go in his stall. Nothing could get him in! He was snorting and totally terrified of it. I ended up having to switch stalls with another horse. He’d go in any of the other stalls in the entire barn but not his because it looked slightly different…

    Another time I bought him a new halter because his had broke. There wasn’t anything special about this halter, it was just a basic nylon halter like his last one. I went in his stall to put it on, and he ran to the back of his stall, avoiding me. I went up to him, he went to the front, snorting at it and refused to look at it. Unlike most horses who realize something’s not going to eat them if you show it to them first – showing him only reaffirms his suspicions that yes indeed it WILL eat him. He did the same thing for the next halter he got after that too. I had to spend 15 minutes giving him little bits of sweet feed every time he looked at it before I could bring it anywhere near him. - handmade custom wood-burned brushes, stall signs, & portraits, etched glasses, and custom stuffed ponies

    Barrelracer612 Barrelracer612
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    Oh also, My horse spooks at spots of the light on the ground as well as ground poles, he has to leap over them…..can’t step over them ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My horse spooks at quite literally everything… Light in weird spots, shadows, heck, even a rock.
    One time me and my trainer were working on trailering him for probably only ever his second or third time and we were expecting him to blow up since he does at everything else. Well, my trainer had taken out her metal divider and it was laying on the ground to the side of the trailer. So, we brought my horse up to the trailer, but before he got there, he turned to look at the metal divider and freaked out. He wasn’t at all scared of the fact we were putting him in an enclosed, small, trailer, that was just fine, in fact he wanted to to get away from the scary divider, but oh my gosh, that metal thing laying on the ground several feet away was definitely going to eat him.

    Also, one time I brought him out of his pen and was bringing him to the tie up area, and there was this wheelbarrow sitting to the side of the barn that he flipped out about. It had never been there before, but he could see it from a mile away, and he’s seen and been around wheelbarrows plenty of times before, but holy crap it was in a different spot! Scary stuff man, scary stuff. Anything, no matter if he’s seen it and been around it a hundred times before, if it’s in a different spot, it’s clearly moving closer so it can eat him.
    And he freaked out when I put gloves on hah.

    Thank goodness for those who came up with the concept of desensitizing.

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    SmartPaker Sarah Original Poster SmartPaker Sarah
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    Leslie – your horse being scared of his clean stall and new halter is hysterical! He just really likes his stuff the way it is, thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

    Barrelracer612 – the fear of paint minis only totally made me giggle.

    EquineMelody – you shouldn’t joke – it’s a well-know fact among horses that some wheelbarrows have minds of their own and make move around the barn at will, and their favorite snack is horsey feet ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rider, Runner, Stuff-Riders-Say-er, SmartPaker

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    My guy is pretty spooky, so my list is long, but the weirdest ones are:
    Cats playing in the arena
    Plastic patio chairs
    My trainer sitting outside of his stall
    Any dropped grooming implement
    Ferns at the base of a jump

    Dragon Tea Dragon Tea
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    – Miniature horses
    – The jump-gate he’s jumped 500 times but next to the fence instead of under it.
    – Little white terriers
    – Other horses spooking

    ~Fjord~ ~Fjord~
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    My horse is typicly not very spooky but he is scared of little candy wrappers on a trail I can swing a tarp all over him and he doesn’t mind and he can w/t/c over it but candy wrappers are going to eat him and sometimes of there is a sudden breeze that is scary so we must run from that too

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    My Appendix saw a Red Canoe being dragged across the ground almost 1/4 mile away from within the barn while having his feet trimed. Took 15 minutes for him to calm down enough to finish his feet!!

    Eponin Eponin
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    Last year we went to the AHA beach ride. My horse wasn’t scared of the ocean, the tents blowing in the wind, or the pinwheels. He was, however, certain the yellow painted speed bumps on the road were going to eat him!

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    I have a solid, seasoned gelding that is only really afraid of two things: tree stumps and boulders!

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    It will never be the big water truck, the flapping banners, the runaway pony or the flying tent (all recent occurrences at various shows). She does not bat an eyelash. What scares my chestnut mare (and now me) the most are butterflies. Especially when they dare to fly into our route to a jump. She almost sat on the ground 3 strides before a 3′ oxer at a recent show. Imagine a big orange cat crouching down…

    Without a doubt minis.

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    My mom’s old mare used to “pass gas” quite often out on the trails. It was so loud she would spook herself, causing my horse to spook as well. Only horses could be scared by their own bodies, gotta love em!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gaited Girl Gaited Girl
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    When I was in 4-H, I showed my gelding at the state show. Our showmanship class was in a covered arena that doubled as a birthing barn/petting zoo during the regular state fair, so it was decorated, including a large sheep painted on the exit door. Well, that sheep was the most terrifying thing ever, and my horse thought he would rather just stay in the ring, thank you very much. Five years we showed down there, and it was always the same reaction. And the year after I finished, they repainted the barn to plain red!

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