Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

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    My sweet little OTTB gelding is usually pretty bombproof- once during a lesson, there was a giant crack of thunder that sounded like it was right on the roof of the arena followed by immediate lightning shook the entire indoor and he didn’t even blink while my trainer and I jumped through the roof. So he’s pretty anti-spook… EXCEPT for logs. Ground poles are fine, flower boxes are fine, but God forbid there’s a LOG on the ground, it’s all over. Shaking and using every ounce of his mental strength to not fly sideways. He also spooked so hard the other day at a pile of saddle pads I had on the ground outside his stall. He could barely walk out to the pasture because he needed to keep an eye on them all the way down the isle on the way outside.

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    A little Arab mare I rode and showed in HJ was scared of a trash can. However, the can had not been moved, cleaned, or anything for at least two years, during which she passed the can at least twice a day. Weird!

    My boy now is scared to death of cows. He hears a “Moo” and his eyes roll and he has a high speed come apart. Needless to say, he is not a roping horse.

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    Velcro. My Joe is the most calm settled horse ever. But the sound of Velcro sends him over the moon.

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    My pony is usually pretty rock steady but once we were riding past a port-a-potty at a trail head and the door swung open. Scary! Ever since I have to sing to him as we pass the box to keep him mind occupied.

    Also, the first time we crossed a street at a cross walk he refused to walk on the white painted lines. I had to get off and coax him across. Thankfully he has gotten over that!
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    One day get spooked at the cross ties falling and hitting the walls!! He hears this EVERYDAY!!! I at least groom him EVERYDAY!!! UGH!!

    Smartpaks gave my boy DAPPLES...LOVE IT!!!

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    Some of these are really, really amazing you guys – I’ve read nearly every single one out loud (my non-horsey desk mates are thoroughly confused, the riders nod and smile a very knowing smile :-D). This weekend, I was chatting about this with a friend from college and she laughed and said, “Right now we’ve got a filly who is scared of two things: things that move and things that don’t!” Horses – gotta love ’em!

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    Jon Jon
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    My old OTTB mare spooked over baby rabbits. Nothing else. In her mind a baby rabbit was the end of the world. Of course this did lead to me being used as a human lawn dart on several occasions.

    DapperEquine DapperEquine
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    My OTTB isn’t phased by many of the things that I would expect him to spook at (weed whackers, atvs, flapping caution tape, dogs running out and barking at him, deer jumping out of the brush on trails, etc). But we were in the warm-up arena at a show one time and a rider fell off her horse — he spooked SO BAD!

    Oh, and hills. He’s gotten better with practice, but the first time I took him up and down hills he acted like there was a cougar suddenly attacking him from the trees or something!

    Also, my friend has a horse that has the strangest affinity to donkeys. He’s never lived with or been around donkeys in his life. Kind of the opposite of a spook, he bolts uncontrollably TOWARD any donkey he sees.

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    My donkey normally isn’t scared of anything. Little dare-devil, but she totally flips when a jolly ball, or any ordinary ball comes her way. Shoot, we could win the Kentucky Derby if you just had a ball chasing her. ;D But she hates balls. She’s OK when I’m using them on the ground in hopes of desensitizing her to them, but once I set her in her paddock with one she avoids it like it’s going to hurt her.

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    A baby. He was cool with it until it made a noise, then he shied away about 10 feet. I had to unhitch and walk up to the baby my coach was holding first to show him the infant wasn’t going to hurt him.

    That and the hay elevator. We were on our third lap around the property when he decided the hay elevator must have wanted to eat him. He still looks at it like it’s going to come chasing after him…

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    One time my sister was running around bent over touching her toes like a hunch back and my boy Eclipse started freaking out and tryed to kick her :O lol

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    We were so inspired by all of these awesome stories, we had SmartPakers throughout the company illustrate a few of our favorites: Enjoy! (And please don’t judge our drawing ability.)

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    Those drawings were so neat!!! I loved mine!!!!

    ~If you come at it having only 15 minuets it will take all day... If you come at it having all day it will take you 15 minuets~

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    Hmmm well this is a tough one, since my guy spooks at everything and the kitchen sink.
    He’s an OTTB, about 8-9 years old and likes to pretend he’s the big man of the barn, but if he sees another horse sans rider (for example their rider has fallen off, not just a random horse in a field, he’s usually good with that), oh boy you better strap in and hold on, because you are going for a RIDE. I can’t even go on trails with him anymore because he has nervous break downs.
    But I have to say the weirdest thing he’s spooked at is nothing. We have a little resident “ghost” at our barn, in one particular end of our large arena and out of nowhere the “ghost” will spring on him and he’s halfway across the ring and I’m in the dirt. This happens with a lot of horses, especially if you’re “rude” to the ghost. One girl started yelling at said ghost after her horse spooked and the rest of her ride was complete chaos only in that end of the ring.

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    A fence board lying on the ground and cows an inch to close to their gate

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