Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

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    That IS odd. For me, I don’t care what they spook at, most of the stuff listed here is not all that unusual. Best to ride ready no matter what horse or where one rides anyway. I just like a reasonable recovery and to desensitize against the most common scaries.

    Jess and jazz, your ponee has a certain …character, ay? : )

    Sure there's right and wrong but mostly there's just a whole lotta different.

    Joan Fry
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    Joe-Joe, I just read back over some of the recent posts. Did you see what Mapale wrote about her horse refusing to pass a spot where a horse had recently been buried? WOW! A place down the road from me used to have llamas and those one-hump camels, forget what they’re called. I encountered them while riding Prim, my old ASB mare, one afternoon. She froze. Looked and looked. They looked back. Luckily none of them moved, either. I finally turned her and asked her to move on. She moved sideways, stopped, and stared some more. I think she could have spent the rest of the afternoon looking and sniffing, so I asked her again to move on. That time she did. The spook that didn’t happen!

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Joan – Camels are really out of the norm! Not sure about llamas, but Joe Joe is fine with goats and our steer. Yes, I did read about the buried horse thing, and since our horse cemetery is at the top of Dragon Hill, we are going to try this weekend (when I will have some help) riding him up there so he can see for himself that all is well. Perhaps I can get him to pray for peace of mind?

    It is never the horse's fault

    Joan Fry
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    I suggest teaching him to meditate!

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Good idea!

    It is never the horse's fault

    Mapale Mapale
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    Hi Joan,
    Carmagirl so rarely balks that I listen to her when she does. This horse goes through water, over bridges, up rock faces, bushwhacks through tall grass, forests, corn fields and thick underbrush. Cows, dogs, critters don’t bug her. You name it she does it. But when she stops there has always been something there. (Once it was a bear.)

    She didn’t really spook at the grave – just stopped, sniffed, snorted and side stepped when I asked her to go forward. It freaked ME out and then I didn’t want to go there either. LOL. I asked the farm manager and he told me that’s where they had buried a horse recently.

    However her spooks have been downright silly. Fish jumping and a white mailbox.

    Alois Podhajsky: “When I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them. ...

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    I spent my teen years volunteering at the pony rides in my city’s zoo. We cleaned, groomed and led kids on the ponies all day, then our ‘pay’ was that we had 2 hours of riding time in the evening. It was the best. We had an arena to ride in, and an open picnic field as well. One day the feisty shetland mare I was riding FROZE. This pony was quite fond of bolting and bucking, so her rooted-to-the-ground reaction was very strange. I noticed that she was staring intently at the top of a stone wall, where one of the lions had climbed up, from the far side, to the top of their exhibit area, and was gazing in our direction. I had to dismount and lead the pony away- she was not going to take her eyes off that lion.

    Joan Fry
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    Smart pony! And a great story!

    Jenn_Sciortino Jenn_Sciortino
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    My horse hardly ever spooks so I love taking her out in a trail ride. I live in New York and fall is so beautiful here and it’s fun to ride with the leaves changing and falling so I take my horse out after riding. It’s all going fine until we go by a house all ready for Halloween. She starts freaking out for no reason until I realize that the pumpkin with the face on it is,” the scariest thing she has ever seen” it wasn’t even a scary faces pumpkin it was smiling.

    Run like the gate was left open

    Mapale Mapale
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    I LOVE your profile picture! I understand why your horse is afraid of a jack-o-lantern. I always feel that way. 😉

    Daughter and I had a lovely fall ride today. Leaves whispered along the trails at our feet – brilliant yellows and reds framed glimpses of sky. It really is a wonderful time to ride. Post more pictures!

    Alois Podhajsky: “When I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them. ...

    DominoIsMyPal DominoIsMyPal
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    One day while I was riding along on a trail and my horse spooked when I looked around the only thing there was a daddy long legs as it got closer my horse kept on backing up. after about 5 min. he decided to jump over it. Lets just say there was a creek up ahead and forgot (I ended up wet and mad and horseless). I finally got back to the barn and he was wanting to go again. (That was the only time my Domino spooked other than by a donkey)

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Here is a new one for my idiot – Saturday, at our last show of the season, he decided that he is terrified of crying children. I had no idea he could buck that high (twice!) Thankfully, I did stay on, but no one could, after that display, call him a pleasure horse.

    It is never the horse's fault

    Joan Fry
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    Domino, your daddy long-legs story reminded me of this. A long time ago, when I lived in NH, I went for a trail ride one beautiful fall day. We passed by the ruin of some old out-building or other, and I stopped my horse to get a look at it. Suddenly he shied–this was my big TB/QH cross. All I could see was this tiny animal lumbering towards us. It was smaller than a rat, but the shape was different and it wasn’t running like a rat. But it was definitely heading for us. Bachelor was afraid of it and kept turning to keep it in sight, and I kept asking him to go forward to get away from it. I was riding bareback and I did not feel like walking back to the barn, OR admitting I fell off because of some evil-tempered little rodent that could barely reach his fetlock was threatening him. I finally persuaded Bachelor to canter, and we left. I was telling somebody about this years later, and he said it was probably a shrew, and that they are known for being bad-tempered and aggressive.

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    I have a very long list but heres a few –
    Other horses spooking
    Carrot Sticks (a parelli tool) that aren’t oarnge
    Other riders at my barn
    Other stalls
    Dirt Patches
    The county fair grounds
    The barn at the county fair grounds
    other people’s tack
    colorful halters
    ALL jumps
    going inbetween barrles
    going around barrles
    knocked over barrles
    horses snorting
    tree branches
    loud noises
    and a WHOLE LOT MORE

    Misty’s eys are messed up so she doesn’t see things like other horses and her original owners abused her.

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    My trainer wiped her nose (very suddle) and he leaped in the air and spun around and threw a huge buck, unseating me to the point where I was in front of the saddle, sitting on his neck

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