Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

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    While I was trying to grab my horse I had white gloves on and I didn’t know that he didn’t like white so I went to grab him and he bolted. To this day I never wear white around him unless he smells it and sees that it will not hurt him😂

    I am still under the impression there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a thoroughbred horse - John Galsworthy.

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    My gelding is a great trail riding horse! So I thought….He was doing great at everything , crossing bridges, going through puddles, staying calm while the other horses spooked… and then it happened. About 15 ft in front of us was a…turtle. That’s right, a turtle. All of a sudden I felt like I was on the Tilt-o-Whirl at the fair! It took me forever to get him to even move forward. It was only after I hurried the turtle out of the path that he went through. And that was at about 50 mph. Now he spooks at anything approximately the size or color of that darn gopher turtle; mushrooms, small rocks, and piles of horse manure.

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    I was at county fair with my 16.2hh AQHA gelding (16.2hh is the important part). We usually get there at about 6:30-6:45 in the morning. I fed him, mucked his stall, and gave him water. Afterwards I tacked him up and took him to the indoor heated arena to ride at about 8 (all of the classes started at 9). Afterwards we rode back on the concrete to our barn. Now during county fair, there are draft horse driving shows and the drafts are kept in two barns down near the one of the arenas. Now to explain, my gelding is terribly afraid of draft horses because they are bigger than him (my horse is kinda cocky, it’s really not good, but funny). So we were riding back to our barn (with my mom by my side) and the shavings truck was there, just sitting there. Then, this girl was walking two large Clydesdales in front of the trucks (here’s where it gets good). Then, the truck backfired, the Clydesdales spooked, therefore my horse spooked. So I am at the verge of falling of (into the mud) and my mom nearly gets run over by my horse. But, in the end, I stayed on and my mother did not get run over. Ironically, the class that we were getting ready for (huntseat eq), we won reserve champion!

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    My mare is afraid of eggs, and also strange feathers. She doesn’t mind normal feathers.

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    We live near a military base that flies all types of helicopters (big and loud), planes (low flying), etc. We have bats, birds, butterflies all day long. However, when a bird took off from the ground near where my QH was grazing on a lead line, instantly, his front end hopped 5 feet left and 5 feet back again to the original tracks. Stiff and still with his eyes big, his breathing was fast and he looked at me like “Mom, I didn’t take off, no I didn’t move and you can’t prove it, but what was that – a killer I think.” Also, minis make him snort.

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    My older horse is gunshot proof (we rode her and shot balloons but never good enough for the actual competition) and was a roper but anything resembling a goat or a sheep was too much, mini ponies (not regular ponies just minis), any kind of goat or sheep (obviously), or large dogs where a no go. She did love calves and pigs which was even stranger. (she took of after one when it got loose while I was riding and if I see a deer while riding I have to get off or Im on a wild goose chase after it.)

    Lira Lira
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    everything lol. Seriously, mail boxes and man holes… He will never go past a mailbox and not spook. And big trucks passing by was a problem.

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    I’m going to humiliate my poor little guy here, but it’s too hilarious not to share. The scariest thing my horse sees is… wait for it… his own front feet. He stands like a saint for the farrier, until the front feet go up on the stand, and it is absolutely horrifying for him-snorting (it’s more like a purr of sorts) and breathing hard, while trying desperately to behave. We have tested this theory, thinking, surely, this can’t be true. My ever so patient farrier held his hoof on his knee thinking it’s the stand upsetting him- nope. This wouldn’t be quite so amusing if he were a youngster, but he’s 15 and gets his feet done every five weeks. My farrier and I always get a good giggle as we try to keep his eyes on something other than his twinkle toes. Bless him…

    I’ve even wondered if maybe the stretch is too much for him, but he gets regular chiropractic and acupuncture. When the chiropractor stretches his front legs, same reaction. I often have to distract his attention so he doesn’t look, then he can handle it, telling us this isn’t pain. His little bug eyes when I stretch him before a ride are just pitiful.

    The worst of the worst was about 8 years ago, and the little guy got his first abscess. We had to pull his shoe so I tried the old fashioned diaper wrap to protect his hoof. Mind = blown.

    I’ve often brainstormed how to desensitize a horse to this, thinking maybe he hates feet (I get that, I hate feet), but he doesn’t spook at anyone else’s feet. Just his own.

    We love our horses for their flaws, not in spite of them 🙂

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    My mare spooked over a patch of daisies on the trail, they looked different so obviously they were going to eat us 🙃

    Also, a cow. Only after it moo’d at us though.

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    Old Tim used to shy at so many things. One day we were riding through a field when a huge group of Canadian geese over a hill and over my head. I expected Tim to freak out but instead I was the one who did. LOL

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    Riding Trail one day along a buzy highway. Came up on a large dead deer swollen by the hot Texas sun. While attempting to manuver around saftly the deer exploded with a boom! The Rodeo was on! We were caught totally off guard. We stunk for days! Worst and most disgusting spook of ALL time!!!!

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    A jogger. Wearing nothing but a black and white speedo and black tennis shoes. My gelding (whom I was riding) (now age 28) decided he needed to leave for the next county, so he spun and left. Unfortunately, I didn’t spin with him and I landed on the ground. My mare (now age 21), whom I was leading, decided that it was safer to leave with my gelding. Wise horses to leave. The jogger ignored the fact that I was in a fetal position on the pavement. He only asked where a good place for him to jog next was. When I didn’t answer, he then looked at me and asked “Do you think that trail over there would be a good run?” Wise horses to leave. Though I always wear a helmet, I ended up with a concussion and vertigo, a long walk home, and gravel in the seat of my pants (not sure how that got there!). That was some years ago. I learned to very much pay attention to my horse’s attention and their ears and their body language. I had Sudden Hearing Loss in one ear a couple years ago and therefore cannot determine where sounds comes from. So I depend on them and my dog to keep me looking around. We watch out for joggers in black and white speedos. Before I bought my gelding over 23 years ago he was spooked by everything. Including someone dumping a buck of water out a window, a can of pop dropping in a pop machine, or a door closing. Now-a-days, I trust both horses with my life…we ride five days a week. They’ve done dressage, trail riding, and driving. So grateful they take care of me, and I’m so grateful for every day I get to be with them. Everyone…do watch out a jogger in a black and white speedo. He may be around the next corner. Ha!

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    I thought of two times my mare spooked. One was for a cougar jumping down out of a tree next to us. She spun to see what it was. I didn’t spin with her and ended up in the dirt. As soon as she identified what it was – just a cougar – she didn’t care. She did look down at me and told me to get up…it seems she was embarrassed that I hadn’t stayed on her. Sigh. The other time she spooked…during a 6.8 earthquake in 2001. I’m sure she set a speed record. We circled the arena twice before I made an unscheduled dismount. She had tucked up and the girth became a bit loose. Centrifugal force, gravity, beginner riding skills…call it what you want…I came off, and she made another round before stopping. Of course my instructor had me get back on. Of course he then put up rules on what to do during an earthquake. 1. Get off the horse. Hmm. I did that!

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    My Arabian/ Quarter horse pony mare spooked at 2 chipmunks while we were jumping on cross country! She has also spooked at another horse hitting a rail on a fence

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