Western Saddle Pads

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    I barrel race on my 22 year old pinto mare. I currently ride her in a Professional’s Choice SMx pad (it’s old and I desperately need a new one). I have been looking at the Professional’s Choice SMx OrthoSport Barrel saddle pad. I have also looked at the impact gel saddle pads. It is important to me to get her a nice pad that relieves pressure off of her back. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or any experience with either of these pads?

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    Supracor Cool Grip. It’s the same stuff they use in the astronaut’s seats in the space shuttle. I have an eight year old one that is good as new. They’re pricy but last forever and prevent hotspots in summer. Hose off and hang over a rail to clean, or wipe with a cloth.
    Here’s a link – but don’t buy from them (more expensive) order from the Distance Depot or some other outlet:


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