What is my pony doing ?

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    Okay, my pony is being a bit odd. When I ride her she sorta goes HER way, not MY way. She Takes a couple steps then stops and sits there, sometimes she will buck and kick when I kick her. Sometimes at the most gentle kicks. She has never been this way before when I have rode her and she doesn’t respond to the right rein well but will respond to the left rein. Sometimes I feel her tensing up when I use the right rein like she is going to buck.
    Can someone help me please?

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    Sounds like something could be physically wrong, if she’s never done this before. Check her tack- saddle, bit, bridle, everything, make sure it’s fitting properly. If it is, or if you’re not entirely sure, get your vet out and have him/her check your pony’s teeth, back, check for ulcers, and everything else to see if there’s any problem. Tell your vet that she’s tensing up and refusing to go to the right more than she is the left, along with everything else she’s doing. Since she’s never done anything like this before, it sounds like there’s probably something physically wrong with her.

    If she checks out 100% fine, though, then I would say, as soon as she starts to tense up, before she bucks, not after, take her and circle her tightly. Start out with 3 circles, then if she starts to buck again, up it to 5, then if she does it again, up the amount of circles you do again, even if you get all the way up to 50+ circles. The idea of doing that is, if you start out small amounts and get larger amounts, she’ll learn to respond to the smallest of pressure, rather than the biggest, which is better for you and her, and it will teach her to behave and do what you ask, when you ask, because she’ll know if she doesn’t, then more pressure and more work lies ahead. However, the key is to catch it before she gets too far ahead in her mind and starts bucking, because then she’s in that mindset of “yeah I’m the boss I’m gonna do what I want!” and it’s much harder to get a horse out of that mindset, than it is to get them out of a mindset of “hmm, I think I’m going to buck…” if you know what I mean? Like with my horse, I have to catch him before he actually does what I know he’s about to do, otherwise it’s much harder and often useless to try and teach him to behave if he gets in too dominant of a mindset. Of course, don’t become paranoid, but really learn the signs when your pony is about to buck or do anything, and catch it before she does. Also, always circle her to the left. Since she’d rather go left than right, make going to the left hard, and make going to the right easy and relaxing. Then she’ll learn “hey, it’s easier if I just go right…”. Oh and, when she stops and refuses to move, you can circle her then, too.
    But again, only do all of this after you get the vet out and she and your tack checks out okay.

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    tack and teeth.
    Have you had her wolf teeth pulled?
    My aunts pony was doing similar things and it turned out her wolf teeth were bothering her when the bit was in her mouth, more so on one side.

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    Do you ride in an arena? Does she do this behavior in a certain spot in the arena, next to the gate or in one corner? My sister had a gelding who would do the stopping, bucking behavior at just one end of the arena. As long as you avoided that bottom third, he was fine, a dream to ride. If by some miracle you got in that third, hijinks ensued. Not sure what it was, shadows or maybe a bad memory of the end of the arena.

    Does the behavior coincide with her hormones? My mare sometimes does this same behavior the week before she goes into heat. We don’t have an arena, so I hack around our three acre yard. She will drag me up to the barnyard and stand there and ignore my kicks, clicks, kisses, reins in both directions. She simply turns her head and looks at me. I will sit there for awhile and sometimes she gets upset that I don’t get off and let her have her way. I can tell she is annoyed because she stomps her hind right. This is when I get off her, lead her to the other side of the yard, get back on and keep her working in small-medium circles away from the barn.

    You mention she resists the right rein. I would second the motion to have her teeth looked at and get her vetted, but also try some massage or stretching techniques on her poll and neck. There is an article in the latest Practical Horseman (or Equus. I have a stack of magazines and read them all in one sitting.) about it. I have done some of the stretches with my gelding and he has become much more willing to move.

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