What to do with a custom tack trunk when you no longer ride there?

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    I have a custom tack trunk that I’ve had for about a decade with a barn I no longer ride with. I’ve considered painting it to my own colors and monogram but I’m not sure what paints would look best considering it’s a rubberized finish. I’ve considered using acrylic and finishing it with a pretty sheen or glaze over it.

    Has anyone done this or has an idea of what to do with old custom trunks? I’ve also considered just retiring it and using it as a coffee table and buying a Sport Trunk because it’s lighter. I don’t really like the trunks from hardware stores.

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    I think I would retire it. my tack trunk is on of those large plastic tool boxes I got from lows for $20. works fine for me. It has wheels so I can roll it were ever I want and stand on it if I need to.

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