What’s your favorite hoof dressing?

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    Anyone have a favorite dressing for healthy, shiny hooves?

    Lay-Z Loper Lay-Z Loper
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    I swear by Absorbine SuperShine (clear for light hooves, black for dark). My barn goes through several bottles every year when we’re at QH shows.

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    I was in the past using Hooflex which was really good for helping my mares hoofs by keeping them shiny and helping with cracks ect.
    I have now been using hooflex which is GREAT her hoofs are the healthiest they have been even my husband commented on how he has never seen them look so good.

    CaliRider CaliRider
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    Farrier’s Fix is definitely my favorite. My farrier recommended it and I really think it’s helping my horse. It’s pricey, but worth it.

    Tina3576 Tina3576
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    Keratex all the way. I don’t want to slap a bunch of gunk on my horse’s hooves – I want to protect them and let them take care of themselves.

    FarmersTan FarmersTan
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    What’s the difference between regular hoof dressings like Hooflex and new things like Keratex? IS there a difference?

    wyoenglishrider wyoenglishrider
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    Bo’s Hoof Ointment by Frogworks. Made with all natural essential oils-nothing harmful. It smells great, conditions, and a bottle lasts forever because you don’t have to use much. 1 application conditions for days. Handmade at the time you order & made in the USA! It’s the only thing I use in dry Colorado & wyoming. Great for cracks & dry feet.

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    First, work from the inside! I love Farrier’s Formula! For moisture, esp during the summer, I swear by Effol’s Summer Hoof Gel– 3x a week. For showing ( and biweekly maint), I use TuffStuff- it doesn’t dry out the hoof like some other popular polishes! Two coats for a great shine! Most importantly, read the directions on anything you use! For example, the absorbine hoof polish says to remove with liniment (wuh?? Who actually does this???) and Keratex– is great when using it, and some horses really respond well…. But if you stop….the horn ‘channels’ that it strengthens are now without it, and you have hooves worse off than before. But, just my opinion.

    wyoenglishrider wyoenglishrider
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    Yes, and read ingredients as well!

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    I don’t use hoof dressing. I agree with Ensigne…work from inside out. Good nutrition is key. However, if your horse’s problem is genetic then no amount of dressing or supplements will be the answer. That being said, I have found that SmartHoof Ultra has helped my horse who has weak horn quality. I tried everything under the sun to strengthen his feet prior to SMartHoof Ultra without success. Now, he has thicker and stronger hoof walls and less predisposed to cracking, chipping. Just saying….. 😉

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    NONE. They don’t actually do anything. If they did we would all be in serious trouble when horses are standing in mud/manure.

    If you mean a hoof polish for a horse show? I like the Absorbine clear stuff, or black if you have a dark bay/black horse.

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    max max
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    From the inside out I use a product called Big Sky Minerals, it has helped several horses in my barn to achieve really good bare feet (that we event, trail ride and show barefoot). All the surface cracking has diminished and all new hoof growth appears strong and pliable after 9 months of feeding it. As an external barrier dressing, Pedocan (from Germany) is a beeswax based dressing that is not harsh and doesn’t gunk up the hoof. During the summer when there is dew at night and wash racks during the day, sometimes a barrier is necessary to keep a balance of moisture in the hoof, ie-to prevent too much moisture!

    FadingTwilight FadingTwilight
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    Agree working from the inside out. I use the smart hoof supplement and love it? My guy didn’t have terrible hooves, but they’d chip up from flies even with fly boots. My farrier uses tough stuff when he does shoes, and I ended up getting a bottle when I needed shiny hooves for a photo shoot. I really like it!


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    Keratex Hoof Gell is great for sealing up nail holes and giving a bit of gloss. Starting from the inside out is always best!

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    Keratex is AMAZING for maintenance and helping to harden your horses feet. It doesn’t make them shine but it sure makes them though!

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