What’s your favorite hoof dressing?

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  • diandra_littledog
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    Coconut oil is just a fat (composed of a few different fats of varying chain lengths). It has trace amounts of Vitamin E. But not even close to being at beneficial levels.


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    It is clear that your intent is to be combative; I do not engage at that level. I have no reason to defend coconut oil; I’ve seen the results of its internal as well as external applications on numerous occasions. As far as benefits to humans (which is not the issue here): if you know how to search academic databases, it is simple to find a high number of valid studies in peer-reviewed journals with results indicating the presence of many beneficial properties. I just found 85 in only moments. (FYI, Wiki is one of the most unreliable information sources available.) A final comment: one hopes you treat patients with considerably less hostility than you do strangers here.

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    Oh, the irony in someone flinging her degree in “equine nutrition” at me telling me that I’M trying to be “combative.” And the disingenuous smiley face does not add to your cause in trying to say that I am being combative. You “do not engage at the level” yet you are already at the level where you think that throwing your degree out there somehow makes you more qualified than me. I also have a master’s degree and a solid background in biology and many years of research under my belt. So I know how to search academic databases (and, as a scientist I have access to ones that most people do not). And again, your nitpicking of my source is petty. I could have used any source that shows that coconut oil is just a bunch of fatty acids. The problem here is that you have provided exactly NO evidence that coconut oil confers any benefits when used topically as a hoof treatment. You bring up peer-reviewed journals and valid studies yet do not provide any. You belittle the evidence I have provided but have not provided anything but anecdotes and personal experiences which, as you would know if you were a “scientist” are not valid proof of anything. In short, coconut oil is nothing more than an unproven fad pushed by woo peddlers. “Many beneficial properties” is about as vague as you can get since the scientific consensus among non-quacks and real scientists and doctors is that is many of the claimed “benefits” are unproven. As a final comment: one would hope that you understand that a person who is backing up their statements (and who has the actual education to do so) is not being hostile, especially when someone else thinks their “equine nutrition” degree somehow makes her more qualified to talk about something that goes on a horse’s hooves.

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    My favorite hoof dressing is coconut oil also. Coconut oil is a good moisturizer, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to name a few. Plus, it is a natural, inexpensive product that leaves a nice shine! Coconut oil is the only hoof dressing I have used and am completely satisfied with the results. It does absorb fairly rapidly, so only lasts for a day. Mind you, this is for topical use only. Good nutrition and exercise are paramount for the overall health of hooves.
    FYI: Coconut oil is good for human skin too and I have found, a very effective treatment for sunburn!

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    We’ve used Fiebing Hoof Dressing and are happy with it.

    ponygirl360 ponygirl360
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    My favorite is Farrier’s Formula! All of my horses hooves benefit from that one, but I also use Rain Maker and Tuff Stuff as needed.

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    I love Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Hoof Conditioner. It’s amazing! It’s a pretty thick formula and works really well. Unfortunately SmartPak doesn’t carry it, but you can find it other places. I highly recommend it!


    ShilohsGirl ShilohsGirl
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    I love the Pony Glam hoof conditioner, it comes in fun colors (also glitter) and has made a wrokd of difference for my horse.

    "Think of riding as a science, but love it as an art" ~George Morris

    Joan Fry
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    I love it that people are seriously debating topics like the benefits of coconut oil by citing their source of information! We need more of that. Which kind of invalidates my next point, since I have no scientific reason for choosing this product except that it works on MY PARTICULAR HORSE. Like David, I used Fiebing hoof dressing when necessary. My horse and I live in the California high desert. Until this winter it was very, very dry, and it’s been very, very dry for years. I wanted my mare to go barefoot, if she could, and I was afraid that she might be developing contracted heels in her club foot in front. In spite of the dry environment she also had a thrush problem. I worked with my vet and my farrier to keep her feet healthy, which now means Thrush Buster once a week and Joint Combo for the biotene it contains. (It’s in the tack room and I’m not, so I can’t check spelling.) She’s healthy and her feet are in great shape, although I can’t claim they’re shiny!

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    By far the best one, hands down, is Farrier’s Fix. My Arabs both have had major issues with cracking, abscesses, white line disease, and thrush, due to the ground where I live. Since using this product 2 or 3 times a week on their hooves, this is the first summer I have experienced zero lameness issues. No more cracks, white line disease, abscesses, or lamenesses. I have tried Hooflex, and other dressings, and none can compete with the results from Farrier’s fix. Highly recommend!

    Bob&Herd Bob&Herd
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    I like Keratex for stronger hooves.

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