When to start joint supplements?

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    I recently bought a five year old American Warmblood mare, I am training her to event. I ride her for two hours, six days a week and even in the off season (winter). My trainer isn’t too sure, but tells me since were beginning to jump that I should since she is young. I’m not sure should I start her on a joint supplement? and if so should I put her on a maintenance supplement or a moderate supplement?

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    With that heavy of a workload, I don’t think you can go wrong with a joint supplement. Probably a moderate one with that length of riding, 6 days a week. Supportive care is always beneficial in my book. I began my 7 yr old shire cross on a daily joint supplement and adequan injections. We work hard and I want to give his joints the support they need to stay strong. I highly recommend using a supplement with high levels of hyaluronic acid. Do some research on what levels of ingredients are most beneficial, Smartpak has the most wide selection of supplements.

    Just my opinion though! Joint supplements can be so overwhelming!

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    Wow that’s a lot of work especially for a young horse but I have all of my horses on a Joint Supplement. My 7yr old Dressage Horse goes 5days a week and he’s on Smart Flex 3 Resilience, legend injections and glucosamine injections because he’s in heavy work and my 2 3 1/2 yr old Hanoverians are both on SmartFlex 1 and they go 3 days a week. I don’t think you can go wrong by starting early it definitely will help. Just be careful you don’t overdo it to much w the training.

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    I really love the Smartflex Supplements and use Smartflex III on my 11 year old dressage gelding, who is ridden 6 days a week. Another alternative that I loved (but would more recommend if you’re concerned about arthritis) was Smartflex II with Hyaluronex liquid. The Hyaluronex liquid is absolutely wonderful and if my boy ever has issues that Smartflex III can’t manage, I’m returning back to that supplement. It is a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that is more efficiently used in the body. It’s expensive, but worth it!

    Also, for horses in heavy work I also love Back on Track products (there’s a 20% off BoT sale today on tackoftheday.com). Although they are more related to muscular health than skeletal, they increase blood flow (they have a wonderful mesh sheet, lower leg quick wraps, etc) to aid in proper circulation and delivery of nutrients/oxygen. I really feel that between the Smartflex III and my BoT products I am providing my horse comprehensive musculoskeletal care.

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    Thanks guys, I will start her on some joint supplements right away ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I have my horse on a joint supplement even though he doesn’t “need” it – I think it is better to play it safe & try to prevent him from getting joint problems in the first place. I use Cosequin ASU because the ASU has been scientifically proven to help prevent damage (whereas the contents of most other supplements like glucosamine and msm are just proven to help alleviate joint pain), I also use an Omega 3 supplement which helps with joints as well as skin and coat and works as an anti-inflammatory (if you use this make sure there is none or very little Omega 6 in the supplement)

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    Most people I know say that every horse that is anything more than a pasture pal should be on a joint supplement and its can never hurt so I say why not? I have three horses, own a horse farm with boarded horses (plus mine), and work with many barns and horses elsewhere. All three of mine are on a joint supplement. I do adjust the level of joint supplement based on the individual circumstances for each horse. It also depends on the brand/type. If you want to feed a cheap knock-off I would suggest a higher level of it. If you feed a good quality one, you can probably get a lower level and it will be equal to the higher level of the cheap one. My older horse is on a senior formula, my 14 year old heavily ridden/competed warmblood is on a much higher support formula, and my 2013 colt is on a one designed for growing, very lightly worked horses. It sounds like you have a hardworking young horse, headed for an intense career (I Event my warmblood as well), so I would say absolutely go for the joint supp. It can help prevent later issues as well. Better to stop stuff before it starts.
    Good luck! Hope this helps!

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