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Where Do Horses Come From?

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    Equus magazine is running a series of articles by Dr. Deb Bennett about where in the world the main horse “types” evolved. I don’t always have time to read them when they arrive, so I read three issues in one sitting a couple of nights ago. One issue discussed Arabians because they are so important to the development of nearly all modern riding breeds. She talks about the various countries of origin (the breed originated with nomadic Bedouins), and how their “look” has changed over time. Fascinating, and I don’t even own an Arabian. I can’t wait to read about other breeds!

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    Mapale Mapale
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    Thanks for calling attention to this article – I pointed it out to my cousin who raises arabs.

    Funny when I clicked on this I thought you were asking the question. I was going to answer (a la sugar, and spice and everything nice) that horses come from ‘rivers, and hills, and songs in the night’ or ‘wind, and wings, and storms in the spring’ or some such.

    Alois Podhajsky: “When I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them. ...

    Joan Fry Original Poster
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    Mapale, I can see why you thought that! LOL–I should have used a different title, like “How Horses Evolved.” Nothing like hindsight, is there!

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