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    What are the best white horse shampoos and conditioners? What are the best ways to keep the white ones shiny? What stain removers are best for dailing grooming? Thank you!

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    I think the responses in “How do you keep your horse’s coat shiny?” would be very helpful to you.

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    As funny as it sounds I’ve found that bathing with Dawn dish soap is the best way to remove stains. I have a very messy paint with a lot of white. We wash with dawn and then spray Canter mane and tail conditioner on his coat as it dries. It makes him clean, shiny, and stain free!

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    Try Miracle Coat Radiant White Horse Shampoo. It is really good and I have got good results from it for my horse. I agree with dw1924 that dawn dish soap is very good when it comes to removing stains.

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    MagicBrushes are really great at moving alot of the dirt and stains from white horses. Ask my daughter… her white horse “Ricko” just loves to roll.

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    i love cowboy magic.
    their normal shampoo works great and has made my white boy pretty clean and i’ve used their whitening shampoo on his mane and tail, along with his coat and he came out really white!
    as for stains, couldn’t tell you. I just leave them be. they eventually come out on their own, or after a good bath.
    i also use laser sheen detangler and leave in conditioner or cowboy magic detangler.

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