Won't eat apples anymore

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    My almost 21 year old Morgan has suddenly gone off apples. he used to LOVE them. we have had his teeth checked. he is ok with carrots. not a big deal, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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    That is odd – my pigs would likely eat arsenic if I offered it. Are you giving the same type of apples he has always had? Mine like Gala and Macintosh, but not Delicious. Don’t ask me why – all horses are odd.

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    As your horse ages, the teeth get more and more worn down. This can cause senstivity to things like hot and cold, and to all types of sugar. I actually have this issue. I don’t have a lot of enamel on my teeth, and it causes me to be senstive to certain things. Carrots don’t have a whole lot of natural sugars. So my best quess would be that.

    Also, did he have a bad experience with something apple flavored? Horses don’t forget things. It can even be a bad spook or other traumatic experience and then you fed him an apple. It’s called negative association. Horses are very strange thinkers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    If he starts doing weird things with his food or goes off other things he will normally eat, please have an equine dentist out, not a vet. The dentist is specialized, and they are so much more thorough.

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    That’s a new one on me! Most of my horses will eat anything–never has one ever turned down an apple. Yes, it’s peculiar behavior, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless–as the previous poster noted–he starts getting weird about eating or not eating other foods.

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    It’s probably that he doesn’t want any right now. Horses do this stuff all the time. So, this is nothing to be concerned about. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I don’t give apples, carrots, or equine treats to my 30 yr. old TWH. I give him and my new guy David’s Sunflower Seeds (grocery store type). The nuts are good for them and the salt makes them drink. Fruits like apples and carrots are high in sugar and the older a horse gets, the less healthy even natural sugar is for them. Some horses take several times before they accept the sunflower seeds and others go right for it. My TWH gets CoolStance (cocoanut meal) feed with a well rounded vitamin/mineral and in the Summer, I wet his feed with Yuengling Lager Beer for his anhidrosis (caused by the cancer med and his asthma med). Try the sunflower seeds, if he doesn’t like them, then you can enjoy the spitting and eating. LOL


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    That’s interesting. I usually don’t feed my horses “junk” food, but this morning I decided to put some chopped-up “delicious” – not – apples to try to get them to eat the Sand-trap in their morning feed. They ate all around the apples and left them in the tub. I don’t know why your horse stopped eating apples, but mine have never started!

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