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Worried new horse owner

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    So my horse is coming back from illness, and due to a long workout (maybe too long), he started the next day with sore legs and swollen knees. Will this have any longterm, detrimental effects in any aspect of riding him? He is on anti-inflammatories and a steroid cream, and his legs are being wrapped at night, and being turned out during the day. Any help/advice?

    Thank you so much!

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Cold hosing after exercise is very beneficial. If he is just coming back into work after a long layup, take things very slowly and make the sessions short. Otherwise, you may end up with a horse who is permanently lame.

    It is never the horse's fault

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Why do you wrap his legs?

    It is never the horse's fault

    pheets pheets
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    Wrapping can moderate/minimize the swelling/edema when long standing or idle. Without wraps, my question, in some instances, would be cellulitis: hard to heal. There are schools of thought that also lean toward the prevention of laminitis thru wrapping but not sure that would be an issue here, however, we talking horse: one never knows for sure. For every ten yesses, there will be twelve nos.

    SmcGee, might want to reconnect with your vet…What was the illness that your horse suffered (glad he is better but hoping this leg issue, too, shall pass)? There might be repercussions due to the illness more than from the work itself… for now, until the situation is a bit more defined, I would limit the horse’s activities to an easy hand walk/turn out programme along with cold hosing.

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    smcgee162 Original Poster
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    Pheets, the illness was an eye infection. And cold-hosing ok to do in windy, wet and cold weather?

    wyoenglishrider wyoenglishrider
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    I *think* cold hosing in cold weather is ok—as long as you stay ON THE LEGS. I know I have used this with great results for leg swelling issues year-round in CO & WY.

    Also, hand walking can reduce swelling-lots of warm up, & bring him back slowly.

    Basically, I second everything Joe Joe & Pheets have said. :)

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Cold hosing below the knee and hocks is okay in any weather. We did our racehorses all year long. If the illness was an eye infection, I really don’t get the leg wrapping, unless you are doing some seriously hard work. Wrapping, if not done very, very carefully, can cause swelling and all sorts of other undesirable things. Except for an injury we never wrapped our TB’s, and they only wore rundowns during races. None of them ever had leg problems.

    If it is really, really cold and wet as well, I’d do the hosing in the wash stall and perhaps even wipe off any excess water when done, but my little orchids live outside and neither cold nor wet ever seems to bother them.

    It is never the horse's fault

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    I agree with what has been said in posts prior. If you are cold hosing the legs after exercise in cold weather, it should not be a problem just stay on the legs and wipe off any excess water, you can even towel dry them and the benefit will still have the same effect. You can also try putting liniment on your horses legs (don’t rub it in hard) BUT make sure you don’t put liniment on hose wet legs and DON’T bandage legs on top of liniment. Why are you bandaging the legs in the stable? Have you been doing this for a while, or is this something that you have just started doing? The fact that your horse had swollen knees is a little odd since it was an eye infection, unless the work out was more intense than your horse was ready for, so I would make sure that you have the all clear from your vet. The eye infection must have been pretty bad if you horse has been off of all work, even in-hand walking. Take is very slow bringing your horse back to work……you may want to keep a log of what kind of work, how long the duration and how hard a work out. What kind of diet did/do you have your horse on while on it’s no-work period? This will help you look back and see how things have progressed. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to your horses legs being sore and swollen knees…..age, prior leg/joint issues, change to a stable vs. being in a field, stabling change of duration, prone to leg swelling and soreness, diet nutritional intake vs. the amount of calories burned and more.

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